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Honors Programs

Students in the Linguistics department have the opportunity to graduate with honors.

To graduate with honors in linguistics, you must first find a linguistics faculty member who will supervise an honors thesis. Then optionally register for LING 499 (“Directed Studies”) with that faculty member. Do good research and write a good thesis paper. Arrange a presentation of your work with the faculty member. Have the faculty member report that you are graduating with honors at least a few weeks before the end of your last semester, so that we can inform the Registrar's Office.
Generally it is necessary to have your research project well-defined and underway during your junior year. We recommend getting involved in research in the department (that is, working as a research assistant for a faculty member) as early as possible if you are thinking you'd like to do an honors project. Make sure to talk to us about your goals. We may be able to facilitate the process.
Note that HON218L can be used in place of LING 240 whenever LING 240 is required as a prerequisite for a linguistics course.