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Ph.D. Alumni

Our department is centered on our students, and we are proud of our alumni. Browse their dissertations and achievements here.


Masato Nakamura

Dissertation - Generating and measuring predictions in language processing
Chairs - Colin Phillips
Currently - Postdoctoral Fellow, Language Science and Technology, Saarland University

Craig Thorburn

Dissertation - Second language speech sound learning: A computational and neural approach
Chair - Naomi Feldman
Currently - Postdoctoral fellow, Psychology, University of Texas at Austin


Mina Hirzel

Dissertation - Island Constraints: What is there for Children to Learn?
Chairs - Jeffrey Lidz and Ellen Lau
Currently - Language Engineer, Alexa Local Services, Amazon

Adam Liter

Dissertation - Explorations in Diagnosing Competence and Performance Factors in Linguistic Inquiry
Chairs - Jeff Lidz and Norbert Hornstein
Currently - Machine Learning ScientistGlassdoor

Hanna Muller

Dissertation - What Could Go Wrong? Linguistic Illusions and Incremental Interpretation
Chairs - Colin Phillips and Ellen Lau
Currently - Visiting Assistant Professor, Linguistics, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Yu'an Yang

Dissertation - Are You Asking Me or Telling Me? Learning Clause Types and Speech Acts in English and Mandarin
Chairs - Valentine Hacquard and Jeffrey Lidz
Currently - Language Engineer, Amazon


Aaron Doliana

Dissertation - All about alles: The Syntax of Wh-Quantifier Float in German
Chairs - Howard Lasnik and Norbert Hornstein
Currently -  Language Engineer, AI Data Team, Amazon Web Services

Anouk Dieuleveut

Dissertation - Finding Modal Force
Chairs - Valentine Hacquard and Alexander Williams
Currently -  Postdoctoral researcher, Department of Linguistics, University of Geneva

Tyler Knowlton

Dissertation - The Psycho-Logic of Universal Quantifiers
Chairs - Jeffrey Lidz and Paul Pietroski
Currently -  Postdoctoral Fellow, MindCORE, University of Pennsylvania

Paulina Lyskawa

Dissertation - Coordination without Grammar-Internal Feature Resolution
Chairs - Maria Polinsky and Omer Preminger
Currently -  Language Engineer II, Amazon Alexa

Rodrigo Ranero

Dissertation - Identity Conditions on Ellipsis
Chairs - Maria Polinsky and Omer Preminger
Currently -  Assistant Professor, Department of Spanish and Portuguese, UCLA

Sigwan Thivierge

Dissertation - Phasehood and Phi-Intervention
Chairs - Maria Polinsky and Omer Preminger
Currently -  Assistant Professor, Linguistics & First Peoples Studies, Concordia University


Sooyoung Bae

Annemarie van Dooren

Dissertation - Modals and their Complements in Dutch and Beyond
Chair - Valentine Hacquard and Maria Polinsky
Currently -  Assistant Professor, Linguistics, Groningen University

Phoebe Gaston

Dissertation - The role of syntactic prediction in auditory word recognition
Chairs - Ellen Lau and Colin Phillips
Currently -  Assistant Professor, Linguistics, McMaster University

Chia-Hsuan Liao

Dissertation - The Computation of Verb-Argument Relations in Online Sentence Comprehension
Chair - Ellen Lau
Currently -  Assistant Professor, Linguistics, National Tsing Hua University Taiwan

Gesoel Mendes

Dissertation - Investigations on Salvation and Non-salvation by Deletion
Chairs - Howard Lasnik and Norbert Hornstein
Currently -  Postdoctoral fellow, Linguistics, University of Pennsylvania


Maxime Papillon

Dissertation - Precedence-Relation Oriented Phonology
Chair - Bill Idsardi


Kasia Hitczenko

Dissertation - How to Use Context for Phonetic Learning and Perception from Naturalistic Speech
Chair - Naomi Feldman
Currently - Postdoctoral fellow, Laboratoire de Sciences Cognitives et Psycholinguistique, Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris

Nick Huang

Dissertation - Variation and Learnability in Constraints on Wh-Movement
Chair - Colin Phillips, Howard Lasnik
Currently -  Lecturer, Department of English Language and Literature, National University Singapore

Laurel Perkins

Dissertation - How Grammars Grow: Argument Structure and the Acquisition of Non-Basic Syntax
Chair - Jeffrey Lidz
Currently - Assistant Professor, Linguistics, UCLA

Alayo Tripp

Dissertation - An Affiliative Model of Early Lexical Learning
Chair - Naomi Feldman, William Idsardi
Currently - Assistant Professor, Department of Linguistics, University of Florida


Lara Ehrenhofer

Dissertation - Argument Roles in Adult and Child Comprehension
Chair - Colin Phillips
Currently - New Business Manager, Haus der Kommunikation, Berlin

Allyson Ettinger

Jeffrey Green

Dissertation - Adjunct Control: Syntax and Processing
Chair - Alexander Williams
Currently - Assistant Professor, Linguistics, Brigham Young University

Anton Malko

Dissertation - The Role of Structural Information in the Resolution of Long-Distance Dependencies
Chair - Colin Phillips
Currently - Postdoctoral research fellow, The Australian National University, Canberra

Zach Stone

Dissertation - A Structural Theory of Derivations
Chair - Howard Lasnik
Currently - Teaching fellow, New York City Public Schools


Rachel Dudley

Dissertation - The Role of Input in Discovering Presupposition triggers: Figuring Out What Everybody Already Knew
Chair - Valentine Hacquard, Jeffrey Lidz
Currently - Postdoctoral researcher, Cognitive Science, Central European University

Chris Heffner

Dissertation - Language Science meets Cognitive Science: Categorization and Adaptation
Chair - Bill Idsardi, Rochelle Newman
Currently - Assistant Professor, Communication Disorders and Sciences, University at Buffalo

Dongwoo Park

Dissertation - When does Ellipsis Occur, and What is Elided?
Chair - Howard Lasnik, Omer Preminger
Currently - Assistant Professor, English Language and Literature, Korea National Open University

Zoe Schlueter

Dissertation - Memory Retrieval in Parsing and Interpretation
Chair - Ellen Lau
Currently - Data Scientist, neufische, Hamburg



Juliana Gerard

Dissertation - The Acquisition of Adjunct Control: Grammar and Processing
Chair - Jeffrey Lidz
Currently - Lecturer, Linguistics, School of Communication, University of Ulster

Shota Momma

Dissertation - Parsing, Generation and Grammar
Chair - Colin Phillips
Currently - Assistant Professor, Linguistics, University of Massachusetts at Amherst

Carolina Petersen

Dissertation - On Experiencers and Minimality
Chair - Norbert Hornstein, Howard Lasnik
Currently - Amazon, Operations Manager


Dustin Chacón

Dissertation - Comparative Psychosyntax
Chair - Colin Phillips
Currently - Assistant Professor, Linguistics, University of Georgia

Sayaka Goto

Dissertation - A Theory of Generalized Pied-Piping
Chair - Howard Lasnik
Currently - Part-time Lecturer, Aoyama Gakuin University

Kaitlyn Harrigan

Dissertation - Syntactic Bootstrapping in the Acquisition of Attitude Verbs
Chair - Jeffrey Lidz
Currently - Lecturer of Psycholinguistics, Department of Psychology, College of William and Mary

Angela Xiaoxue He

Dissertation - Verb Learning under Guidance
Chair - Jeffrey Lidz
Currently - Assistant Professor, English, Hong Kong Baptist University

Yuki Ito

Dissertation - English ECM at the Interfaces
Chair - Howard Lasnik
Currently - Deceased

Naho Orita

Dissertation - Computational Modeling of the Role of Discourse Information in Language Production and Acquisition
Chair - Naomi Feldman
Currently - Junior Associate Professor, Faculty of Science and Technology, Tokyo University of Science

Aaron Steven White

Dissertation - Information and Incrementality in Syntactic Bootstrapping
Chair - Valentine Hacquard, Jeffrey Lidz
Currently - Associate Professor, Linguistics and Data Science, University of Rochester


Kenshi Funakoshi

Dissertation - Syntactic Head Movement and its Consequences
Chair - Howard Lasnik
Currently - Associate Professor, Department of English, Dokkyo University

Yakov Kronrod

Dissertation - Bayesian Model of Categorical Effects in L1 and L2 Speech Processing
Chair - Naomi Feldman
Currently - Data Scientist, Alexa Data Services

Sol Lago

Dissertation - Memory and Prediction in Cross-Linguistic Sentence Comprehension
Chair - Colin Phillips
Currently - Assistant Professor, Institute for Romance Languages and Literatures, Goethe University Frankfurt

Chris Laterza

Dissertation - Distributivity and Plural Anaphora
Chair - Paul Pietroski
Currently - Senior Data and Applied Scientist, Microsoft

Dan Parker

Dissertation - The Cognitive Basis for Encoding and Navigating Linguistic Structure
Chair - Colin Phillips
Currently - Associate Professor, Linguistics, The Ohio State University

Megan Sutton

Dissertation - Competence and Performance in the Development of Principle C
Chair - Jeffrey Lidz

Alexis Wellwood

Dissertation - Measuring Predicates
Chair - Valentine Hacquard
Currently - Professor, Philosophy, University of Southern California

Nuria Abdul-Sabur

DissertationThe Neural Mechanisms Supporting Structure and Inter-Brain Connectivity In Natural Conversation
Chair - Bill Idsardi, Al Braun (NIDCD) 
Currently - Scientific Manager, Global Solutions Network


Shannon Barrios

Dissertation - Similarity in L2 Phonology
Chair - William Idsardi
Currently - Assistant Professor, Linguistics, University of Utah

Wing Yee Chow

Dissertation - The Temporal Dimension of Linguistic Prediction
Chair - Colin Phillips
Currently - Associate Professor in Experimental Linguistics, University College London

Ewan Dunbar

Dissertation - Statistical Knowledge and Learning in Phonology
Chair - William Idsardi
Currently - Assistant Professor, Department of French, University of Toronto

Michaël Gagnon

Dissertation - Anaphors and the Missing Link
Chair - Alexander Williams
Currently - Nuance Communications, Natural Language Understanding Engineer; Postdoctoral Fellow, Université du Québec à Montréal

Dave Kush

Dissertation - Respecting Relations
Chair - Colin Phillips, Jeffrey Lidz
Currently - Associate Professor, Linguistics at Toronto, Language Studies at Toronto-Scarborough

Brooke Larson

Dissertation - The Syntax of Non-Syntactic Dependencies
Chair - Norbert Hornstein, Howard Lasnik
Currently - Visiting Assistant Professor, Linguistics, University of Iowa

Shevaun Lewis

Dissertation - Pragmatic enrichment in language processing and development
Chair - Colin Phillips
Currently - Assistant Director and Assistant Research Professor, Language Science Center, University of Maryland

Rebecca McKeown

Dissertation - A Movement Account of Long-Distance Reflexives
Chair - Norbert Hornstein

Heather Taylor

Dissertation - Grammar Deconstructed: Constructions and the Curious Case of the Comparative Correlative
Chair - Norbert Hornstein
Currently - Visiting Assistant Professor, Michigan State University, 2014-


Annie Gagliardi

Dissertation - Input and Intake in Language Acquisition
Chair - Jeffrey Lidz
Currently - Veterinarian

Terje Lohndal

Dissertation - Without Specifiers: Phrase Structure and Events
Chair - Paul Pietroski
Currently - Professor of English Linguistics, Department of Language and Literature, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim


Brian Dillon

Dissertation - Structured Access in Sentence Comprehension
Chair - Colin Phillips
Currently - Associate Professor, Department of Linguistics, UMass Amherst

Alex Drummond

Dissertation - Binding Phenomena within a Reductionist Theory of Grammatical Dependencies
Chair - Norbert Hornstein, Howard Lasnik
Currently - Software engineer, Circuit Hub

So-One Hwang

Dissertation - Windows into Sensory Integration and Rates in Language Processing
Chair - William Idsardi
Currently - Postdoc, UCSD

Maki Kishida

Dissertation - Reflexives in Japanese
Chair - Norbert Hornstein

Shiti Malhotra

Dissertation - Movement and Intervention Effects: Evidence from Hindi/Urdu
Chair - Norbert Hornstein, Howard Lasnik
Currently - Lecturer in Linguistics, Northeastern University

Ilknur Oded

Dissertation - Recalculating Adjunct Control
Chair - Howard Lasnik
Currently - Chairperson position at the Multi-Language Department, Defense Language Institute

Ariane Rhone

Dissertation - Multi-Level Audio-Visual Interactions in Speech and Language Perception
Chair - William Idsardi
Currently - Associate Research Scientist, Human Brain Research Laboratory, Department of Neurosurgery, University of Iowa

Joshua Riley

Dissertation - Self-Monitoring and Sensory Feedback in Disordered Speech
Chair - William Idsardi
Currently - Clinical Assistant Professor, General Psychiatry, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center



Chris Dyer

Dissertation - A Formal Model of Ambiguity and its Applications in Machine Translation
Chair - Philip Resnik
Currently - Researcher, DeepMind; Assistant Professor, Language Technologies Institute and Machine Learning Department, Carnegie Mellon University (2012-)

Tim Hunter

Dissertation - Relating Movement and Adjunction in Syntax and Semantics
Chair - Amy Weinberg
Currently - Associate Professor, Department of Linguistics, UCLA

Johannes Jurka

Dissertation - The Importance of Being a Complement: CED Effects Revisited
Chair - Norbert Hornstein
Currently - Psychotherapist, Vienna

Akira Omaki

Dissertation - Commitment and Flexibility in the Developing Parser
Chair - Colin Phillips
Currently - Deceased; formerly Assistant Professor, Department of Linguistics, University of Washington


Diogo Almeida

Dissertation - Form, Meaning and Context in Lexical Access: MEG and Behavioral Evidence
Chair - David Poeppel
Currently - Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, NYU Abu Dhabi

Atakan Ince

Dissertation - Dimensions of Ellipsis: Investigations in Turkish
Chair - Howard Lasnik
Currently - Computational Linguist, Group Solver Inc.

Ellen Lau

Dissertation - The Predictive Nature of Language Comprehension
Chair - Colin Phillips
Currently - Associate Professor, Department of Linguistics, University of Maryland

Yuval Marton

Dissertation - Fine-Grained Linguistic Soft Constraints on Statistical Natural Language Processing Models
Chair - Philip Resnik
Currently - Postdoc, statistical machine translation, IBM

Philip Monahan

Dissertation - Neuromagnetic Evidence of Early Auditory Abstraction in the Perception of Speech and Pitch
Chair - William Idsardi, David Poeppel
Currently - Associate Professor, University of Toronto, Linguistics, and University of Toronto at Scarborough, Centre for French and Linguistics

Chizuru Nakao

Dissertation - Island repair and non-repair by PF strategies
Chair - Howard Lasnik and Norbert Hornstein
Currently - Lecturer (= Asst Prof.), Faculty of Foreign Languages, Daito Bunka University (2010-)

Eri Takahashi

Dissertation - Beyond Statistical Learning in the Acquisition of Phrase Structure
Chair - Jeffrey Lidz
Currently - Instructor, Department of Languages, Literatures & Linguistics, York University and Instructor, Seneca College


Stacey Conroy

Dissertation - The Role of Verification Strategies in Semantic Ambiguity Resolution in Children and Adults
Chair - Jeffrey Lidz
Currently - Founder and director of Fresh Stitches, crochet design company

Chunyuan Jing

Ivan Ortega-Santos

Dissertation - Projecting Subjects in Spanish and English
Chair - Juan Uriagereka
Currently - Associate Professor, Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, University of Memphis

Clare Stroud

Dissertation - Structural and Semantic Selectivity in the Electrophysiology of Sentence Comprehension
Chair - Colin Phillips
Currently - Program Officer, National Academy of Sciences Institute of Medicine

Matt Wagers

Dissertation - The Structure of Memory Meets Memory for Structure in Linguistic Cognition
Chair - Colin Phillips
Currently - Professor, Department of Linguistics, UC Santa Cruz



Pritha Chandra

Dissertation - (Dis)Agree: Movement and Agreement Reconsidered
Chair - Norbert Hornstein
Currently - Assistant Professor, Linguistics, IIT, Delhi

Takuya Goro

Dissertation - Language-Specific Constraints on Scope Interpretation in First Language Acquisition
Chair - Colin Phillips
Currently - Assistant Professor, Department of Linguistics, Ibaraki University, Japan

Stephan Greene

Dissertation - Spin: Lexical Semantics, Transitivity, and the Identification of Implicit Sentiment
Chair - Philip Resnik
Currently - Chief Technology Officer, Converseon.AI

Huan Luo

Dissertation - Tracking Sound Dynamics in Human Auditory Cortex: New macroscopic perspectives from MEG
Chair - David Poeppel
Currently - State Key Laboratory of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, Institute of Biophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China

Lisa Pearl

Dissertation - Necessary Bias in Natural Language Learning
Chair - Amy Weinberg
Currently - Professor, Department of Language Science, UC Irvine

Jon Sprouse

Dissertation - A program for experimental syntax
Chair - Howard Lasnik
Currently - Professor, Psychology, New York University Abu Dhabi


Maria Chait

Dissertation - Auditory edge detection: the dynamics of the construction of auditory perceptual representations
Chair - David Poeppel
Currently - Professor, Auditory Cognitive Neuroscience, The Ear Institute, University College London

Robert Fiorentino

Dissertation - Lexical Structure and the Nature of Linguistic Representations
Chair - David Poeppel
Currently - Associate Professor, Department of Linguistics, University of Kansas

Tomohiro Fujii

Dissertation - Some Theoretical Issues in Japanese Control
Chair - Howard Lasnik
Currently - Assistant Professor, Faculty of Education and Human Sciences, Yokohama National University

Scott Fults

Dissertation - The Structure of Comparison: An Investigation of Gradable Adjectives
Chair - Paul Pietroski
Currently - Principal Research Scientist (Computational Linguistics), Battelle Memorial Institute

Lydia Grebenyova

Dissertation - Multiple Interrogatives: Syntax, Semantics, and Learnability
Chair - Howard Lasnik
Currently - Associate College Lecturer, Director of Linguistics, Department of Criminology Anthropology and Sociology, Cleveland State University

Youngmi Jeong

Dissertation - The Landscape of Applicatives
Chair - Norbert Hornstein
Currently - Library Information Science program at Simmon's College

Utako Minai

Dissertation - Everyone Knows, Therefore Every Child Knows: Logico-semantic Competence in Child Language
Chair - Jeffrey Lidz, Paul Pietroski
Currently - Associate Professor, Department of Linguistics, University of Kansas

Hajime Ono

Dissertation - An Investigation of Exclamatives in English and Japanese: Syntax and Sentence Processing
Chair - Howard Lasnik
Currently - Associate Professor, Faculty of Arts, Tsuda College, Tokyo

Leticia Pablos

Dissertation - Pre-verbal Structure Building in Romance Languages and Basque
Chair - Colin Phillips, Juan Uriagereka
Currently - University Lecturer, Centre for Linguistics, Universiteit Leiden

Usama Soltan

Dissertation - On Formal Feature Licensing in Minimalism: Aspects of Standard Arabic Morphosyntax
Chair - Juan Uriagereka
Currently - Associate Professor, Arabic, Middlebury College

Masaya Yoshida

Dissertation - Constraints and Mechanisms in Long-Distance Dependency Formation
Chair - Colin Phillips
Currently - Associate Professor, Department of Linguistics, Northwestern University


Ilhan Cagri

Dissertation - Minimality and Turkish Relative Clauses
Chair - Norbert Hornstein
Currently - Policy Fellow, Muslim Public Affairs Council

John Drury

Dissertation - Alternative Directions for Minimalist Inquiry: Expanding and Contracting Phases of Derivation
Chair - Juan Uriagereka
Currently - Professor, School of Linguistic Sciences and Arts, Jiangsu Normal University

Soo-Min Hong

Dissertation - "Exceptional" Case-Marking and Resultative Constructions
Chair - Norbert Hornstein
Currently - Professor, Humanities, University of Seoul

Nina Kazanina

Dissertation - The Acquisition and Processing of Backwards Anaphora
Chair - Colin Phillips
Currently - Professor, Basic Neurosciences, University of Geneva

Luisa Meroni

Dissertation - Putting Children in Context
Chair - Stephen Crain
Currently - Assistant Professor, Department of Modern Languages, Utrecht Institute of Linguistics OTS

Nobue Mori

Dissertation - A Syntactic Structure of Lexical Verbs
Chair - Juan Uriageraka
Currently - Associate Professor, Kanazawa Seiryo University

Graciela Tesan

Dissertation - What do children have in their heads? Functional heads and parameter setting in child language
Chair - Rosalind Thornton
Currently - Assistant Professor at Inter American University of Puerto Rico, San German Campus


Max Guimarães

Dissertation - Derivation and Representation of Syntactic Amalgams
Chair - Juan Uriagereka
Currently - Professor & Researcher, Federal University of Paraná, Brazil

Elixabete Murguia Gomez

Dissertation - Syntactic Identity and Locality Restrictions on Verbal Ellipsis
Chair - Juan Uriagereka & Amy Weinberg
Currently - Linguist Project Manager at Google near Madrid, Spain

Cilene Rodrigues

Dissertation - Impoverished Morphology and A-movement out of Case Domains
Chair - Norbert Hornstein
Currently - Professor, Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Honorary Research Fellow, Linguistics, University College London

Itziar San Martin

Dissertation - On Subordination and the Distribution of PRO
Chair - Juan Uriagereka
Currently - Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, University of Basque Country

Virginie van Wassenhove

Dissertation - Cortical Dynamics of Auditory-Visual Speech: A Forward Model of Multisensory Integration.
Chair - David Poeppel
Currently - Executive Director, NeuroSpin MEG Lab


Sachiko Aoshima

Dissertation - The grammar and parsing of wh-dependencies
Chair - Colin Phillips

Anthony Boemio

Dissertation - The perceptual representation of acoustic temporal structure
Chair - David Poeppel

Ana Cristina de Souza Lima Gouvea

Dissertation - Cross-linguistic differences and ERP evidence
Chair - Colin Phillips

Andrea Gualmini

Dissertation - The ups and downs of child language: experimental studies on children's knowledge of entailment relations and polarity phenomena
Chair - Stephen Crain

Masaaki Kamiya

Dissertation - Japanese event nouns and their categories
Chair - Paul Pietroski
Currently - Associate Professor of Japanese, Director of Linguistics, Hamilton College


Rachel Channon

Dissertation - Signs are Single Segments
Chair - Linda Lombardi
Currently - Independent Researcher

Hirohisa Kiguchi

Dissertation - Syntax unchained
Chair - Juan Uriagereka

Mitsue Moromura

Dissertation - Thematically driven movement in Japanese: A study of psych verb constructions
Chair - Norbert Hornstein


Juan Carlos Castillo

Dissertation - Thematic Relations between Nouns
Chair - Juan Uriagereka
Currently - Associate Professor, Department of Languages and Literatures, University of Northern Iowa

Acrisio Magno Gomes Pires

Dissertation - The syntax of gerunds and infinitives: Subjects, Case and Control
Chair - Norbert Hornstein
Currently - Professor, Department of Linguistics, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Yi-ching Su

Dissertation - Scope and Specificity in Child Language: A Cross-Linguistic Study on English and Chinese
Chair - Stephen Crain
Currently - Associate Professor, Graduate Institute of Linguistics, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan


Margaret Antonisse

DissertationProcessing Temporal Modifiers: The Influence of Lexical Aspect
Chair - Amy Weinberg
Currently - Senior Lecturer, Department of Linguistics, University of Maryland

Kleanthes K. Grohmann

Dissertation - Prolific Peripheries: A Radical View from the Left
Chair - Norbert Hornstein
Currently - Associate Professor, Department of English Studies, University of Cyprus

Akemi Matsuya

Dissertation - Theta movement in Japanese syntax
Chair - Norbert Hornstein
Currently - Professor of English and Linguistics, Department of Human Sciences, Takachiho University (Japan)

Carolina Maria Struijke

Dissertation -Reduplication, feature displacement, and existential faithfulness
Chair - Laura Benua


Jianxin Wu

Dissertation - Syntax and Semantics of Quantification in Chinese
Chair - Norbert Hornstein

Haruka Fukazawa

Dissertation - Theoretical implications of OCP effects on features in Optimality Theory
Chair - Linda Lombardi
Currently - Professor, Faculty of Business and Commerce, Keio University

Patricia Hironymous

Dissertation - Selection of the optimal syllable in an alignment-based theory of sonority
Chair - Linda Lombardi

Viola Giulia Miglio

Dissertation - Interactions between markedness and faithfulness constraints in vowel systems
Chair - Linda Lombardi
Currently - Professor, Department of Spanish and Portugese, UC Santa Barbara

Frida Morelli

Dissertation - The phonotactics and phonology of obstruent clusters in Optimality Theory
Chair - Linda Lombardi
Currently - Senior Lecturer, Chair of Italian Studies, Connecticut College

Bruce Morén

Dissertation - Distinctiveness, coercion and sonority: A unified theory of weight
Chair - Linda Lombardi
Currently - Associate Professor, Faculty of Education and Arts, Nord University (Norway)

Frederick Savarese

Dissertation - Studies in coreference and binding
Chair - Rosalind Thornton


Kwang-sup Kim

Dissertation - (Anti-)connectivity
Chair - Norbert Hornstein
Currently - Professor, Department of English Linguistics, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (Korea)


Keiko Muromatsu

Dissertation - On the syntax of classifiers
Chair - Juan Uriagereka
Currently - Professor, Faculty of Law, Toyo University (Japan)

Julien Musolino

Dissertation - Universal Grammar and the Acquisition of Semantic Knowledge
Chair - Stephen Crain
Currently - Professor of Psychology, Rutgers University


Li-Ling Chuang

Dissertation - Long distance anaphora and multiple feature checking: A minimalist approach
Chair - David Lightfoot
CurrentlyAssociate Professor, Graduate Institute of Children's English, National Changhua University of Education (Taiwan)

Catherine Cravero-Dolan

Dissertation - Parametric change in French
Chair - David Lightfoot

Ricardo Etxepare

Dissertation - The syntax of illocutionary force
Chair - Juan Uriagereka
Currently - Director of Research, Research Center on the Basque Language and Texts (IKER), French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS)


Qiming Chen

Dissertation - Structure of noun phrases in Chinese and its consequences
Chair - Norbert Hornstein

Joel Hoffman

Dissertation - Syntactic and paratactic word-order effects
Chair - Juan Uriagereka
Currently - Author and translator

Susan Mary Powers

Dissertation - The growth of the phrase marker: Evidence from subjects
Chair - David Lebeaux
Currently - Computational Linguist, Attadale Partners

Cristina Schmitt

Dissertation - Aspect and the Syntax of Noun Phrases
Chair - Juan Uriagereka
Currently - Associate Professor of Linguistics, Michigan State University

Ellen Thompson

Dissertation - The syntax of tense
Chair - Juan Uriagereka
Currently - Professor, Director of Linguistics Program, Florida International University 


Mark Arnold

Dissertation - Case, periphrastic do and the loss of verb movement in English
Chair - David Lightfoot
Currently - Specialist, DIT-ERP-Enterprise Resource Planning, University of Maryland

Jairo Nunes

Dissertation - The Copy Theory of Movement and Linearization of Chains in the Minimalist Program
Chair - Juan Uriagereka
Currently - Associate Professor of Linguistics, Universidade de Sao Paulo


Jeanne Downey-Vanover

Dissertation - Adult access to universal grammar in Second Language acquistion
Chair - David Lightfoot
Currently - Assistant Head of Upper School, Chair of World Languages, Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart (Bethesda, MD)

Joung-Ran Kim

Dissertation - Korean topic constructions
Chair - Norbert Hornstein

Sungki Suh

Dissertation - The syntax of Korean and its implications for parsing theory
Chair - Paul Gorrell
Currently - Professor, Department of English Language and Literature, Catholic University of Korea

Spyridoula Varlokosta

Dissertation - Issues on modern Greek sentential complementation
Chair - Norbert Hornstein
Currently - Associate Professor, Linguistics, University of Athens


Alan Munn

Dissertation - Topics in the Syntax and Semantics of Coordinate Structures
Chair - Norbert Hornstein
Currently - Associate Professor of Linguistics, Michigan State University

Jie Xu

Dissertation - An I-parameter and its consequences
Chair - David Lightfoot
Currently - Dean of Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Director of Centre for Linguistics, University of Macau


Stefan Martin

Dissertation - Topics in the syntax of nonstandard English
Advisor - Norbert Hornstein
Deceased 2007

Paola Merlo

Dissertation - On modularity and compilation in a Government-Binding parser
Chair - Amy Weinberg
Currently - Professor, Linguistics, University of Geneva

Daoping Wu

Dissertation - On serial verb constructions
Chair - Norbert Hornstein
Currently - IT Specialist, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services