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Information about the Linguistics Department in relation to COVID-19.

Welcome back to the UMD Linguistics department for the Fall 2020 semester!

With the beginning of the fall semester many of the buildings on campus are open during the day, and people are welcome to come back to campus to gradually ramp back up their research, teaching and other activities. You will need to wear a mask around campus and observe social distancing. 

Before you visit the campus, please review this page:

Everyone who comes to campus is required to have:

  1. watched the training and pledge video at;
  2. reported a negative test result using the Confirm Test Results link on the website; and
  3. completed the daily symptom check to report that they are symptom free for 14 days prior to their visit. (You should complete this check every day, including weekends and holidays.)

If you come to Marie Mount Hall during the day, you should enter on the mall side of the building, or the entrance on the east side near the Maryland Room. The chapel side and the loading dock door are now designated as exits. After hours you can use your swipe card to enter at the chapel or loading dock doors. People with mobility issues can use any of the doors to enter or exit.

More specific restrictions will be enforced when in-person classes resume, which is now planned for September 14, 2020. Movement through the hallways is also restricted. They are now meant for one-way traffic only, moving counter-clockwise from a birds-eye point of view. 

Additional information is available on the 4 Maryland website: . 

To speak to the Chair, Bill Idsardi, or Administrator, Kim Kwok, of the Linguistics Department, please phone 301.405.7002