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Language Science Community

Our department plays a leading role in the largest and most integrated language science research community in North America

The University of Maryland is home to over 200 language scientists in more than 20 different departments and centers, including many faculty closely affiliated with Linguistics, as well as visitors to our department. The Maryland Language Science Center provides a channel for their mutual communication, and creates opportunities for education and research across units and disciplines, at the undergraduate, graduate and faculty levels. The culture thrives after an exceptional series of two grants from the National Science Foundation, 2008-2015 and 2015-2021, to develop graduate training in the language sciences.

Closely affiliated faculty


College of Education


College of Information Studies

Department of Computer Science

Department of English

Department of Hearing and Speech Sciences

Department of Philosophy

Department of Psychology

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Second Language Acquisition Program, School of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures



None due to COVID-19


Elena Simonato, Alexey Koslov, Morgan Sonderegger, Hailin Hao, Jeffrey Heinz, Alice JesusMeg CychoszDaisuke Hirai, Mastaka Yano, Sergio López Sancio, Saski Ottschofski, Caitlin Meyer, Jesse Harris, Atsushi Yuhaku, Anamaria Bentea, Regine Lai, Christian Brodbeck, Pranav Anand, Iria de dios Flores, Zuzanna Fuchs, Alex de Carvalho, Marta Ruda, Emily Darley, Lyn Shan Tieu, Rerisson Cavalcante, Kwang-sup Kim, Roumyana Pancheva