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Alexis Wellwood tenured at USC

August 13, 2020 Linguistics

PhD student Alexis Wellwood, standing proudly in front of a blackboard covered with notes, grinning at the camera after having defended her dissertation

Congratulations to Alexis Wellwood *14, now Associate Professor of Philosophy with tenure at USC.

Alexis Wellwood *14 started with us as a Baggett Fellow in 2008, mentored by Valentine Hacquard. She then continued with Valentine as her advisor, plus Paul Pietroski, Alexander Williams, Jeffrey Lidz, and Colin Phillips as what she calls "unofficial mentors," and a Language Science Fellowship that encouraged an independent study and coursework in the Philosophy Department. She got her PhD in 2014 with a dissertation on Measuring Predicates, then spent two years as Assistant Professor of Linguistics at Northwestern, before joining USC in 2017 as Assistant Professor of Philosophy. Now she is tenured and an Associate Professor! With an office in University Park, Los Angeles, Alexis is one of now three LA Terrapins, along with Tim Hunter *10 and Laurel Perkins *19 over in Westwood at UCLA.