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Celebrating Howard Lasnik

May 01, 2023 Linguistics

Howard Lasnik, Distinguished University Professor of Linguistics, at the dissertation defense of one of his students

Two great decades at Maryland.

May 5-6 the department celebrates Howard Lasnik, who arrived here in 2002, by bringing together many past teachers, students, collaborators, colleagues and friends for a Mayfest titled "Howard's Beginning". Among our guests, six will be giving talks: Željko Bošković, Noam Chomsky, Robert Freidin, Lydia Grebenyova, Mamoru Saito and Ewa Willim. Three more will join Bill Idsardi and Maria Polinsky in a roundtable discussion on linguistic structure: Hamida Demirdache, Robert May and Luigi Rizzi. And topping it off there will be four posters - from Adolfo Ausín, Tomohiro Fujii *06, Gesoel Mendes *20, Dongwoo Park *17 - and six rants - from Atakan Ince *09, Kyle Johnson, Terje Lohndal *12, Jason Merchant, Keiko Murasugi and Zach Stone *18. The full program is here