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Imane presenting at UCLA Heritage Language Institute, directed by Masha

June 07, 2021 Linguistics

Imane Bou-Saboun, a PhD student in linguistics, standing on a mountaintop near her home in Italy, smiling at the camera

On anti-agreement effects in the production of heritage speakers of Tashelhiyt Berber.

June 8, Imane Bou-Saboun is at the Thirteenth Heritage Language Virtual Research Institute at UCLA, presenting a poster on "Anti-agreement effect in the production of heritage speakers of Tashelhiyt Berber." The director of the Institute is our own Maria Polinsky. The National Heritage Language Resource Center is "a federally funded language resource center whose mission is to develop effective pedagogical approaches to teaching heritage language learners, both by creating a research base and by pursuing curriculum design, materials development, and teacher education." The Institute is meant to address "issues of linguistic distance and language or dialect similarity in the heritage context, both in relation to linguistic research and research-based language pedagogy."