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Jeff Lidz and Laurel Perkins chair symposium at Society for Research in Child Development

April 09, 2021 Linguistics

PhD student Laurel Perkins, facing the camera with a determined expression, sitting at a table in heavy shadow, holding a cup of tea in front of her

Infant syntax above the word level.

April 9 at the Society for Research in Cognitive Development, Jeff Lidz and alum Laurel Perkins *19 lead discussion at a symposium that they designed for the meeting - "Beyond categories: Infant syntax above the word level" - featuring three talks on early syntactic development:

Laurel Perkins & Jeffrey Lidz - Non-Local Syntactic Dependencies in Infancy: Wh-Question Representations Develop Between 14- and 18-Months

Emeryse Emond & Rushen Shi - Hierarchical Structural Knowledge: Evidence from Toddlers’ Understanding of Binding Principles

Letícia Schiavon Kolberg, Alex de Carvalho & Anne Christophe - Cross-Linguistic Evidence for the Role of Phrasal Prosody in Constraining Parsing in Young Children