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Maryland and experimental syntax

August 05, 2023 Linguistics

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Oxford handbook features 10 chapters from 12 Terps.

Now out, the Oxford Handbook of Experimental Syntax, edited by 2007 alum Jon Sprouse, features ten chapters from twelve current and past members of our department: PhD alumni Diogo Almeida *09 (NYU Abu Dhabi), Brian Dillon *11 (UMass Amherst), Tim Hunter *10 (UCLA), Dave Kush *13 (Toronto), Lisa Pearl *07 (UC Irvine), Laurel Perkins *19 (UCLA), Jon Sprouse *07 (NYU Abu Dhabi), Matt Wagers *08 (UC Santa Cruz), Masaya Yoshida *06 (Northwestern); 2014-16 postdoc William Matchin; and faculty Jeff Lidz and Masha Polinsky. Their contributions are listed below. The contributors joined to compose the final chapter of the volume, on "The future of experimental syntax."