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Paulina and Rodrigo with Ted Levin in German Journal of Linguistics

January 24, 2021 Linguistics

Linguistics PhD student Paulina Lyskawa standing in front of a white screen, speaking, elbows at her side, two hands up in front of her

Paper argues that optional agreement in Santiago Tz’utujil is syntactic.

Congratulations to Paulina Lyskawa and Rodrigo Ranero, and former postdoc Theodore Levin, who have a new article in the Zeitschrift für Sprachwissenschaft (Journal of Linguistics) arguing that "Optional agreement in Santiago Tz’utujil (Mayan) is syntactic." Using novel data from fieldwork started in 2017 in Santiago Atitlán, Guatemala, the paper shows that agreement is optional only for arguments generated in complement position, and is governed not by phonological or morphological factors, but by the syntactic 'size' of the argument: DP or reduced nominal.