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Paulina to postdoc in Tromsø

April 15, 2021 Linguistics

Photo of Paulina Lyskawa

Joining a project on "Experimental approaches to syntactic optionality".

Congratulations to Paulina Lyskawa *21, who heads to the world's northernmost university – the Arctic University of NorwayTromsø – for a postdoctoral research fellowship supervised by Bjørn Lundquist and Gillian Ramchand. The fellowship is supported by a project on "Experimental approaches to Syntactic Optionality," which focuses on word-order variation in Mainland Scandanavian languages, and asks four questions about optionality and regularity in syntax: "(i) are there processing benefits (or costs) associated with categorical rules; (ii) is the L1 language learner disposed to categorical rules, or do categorical tendencies develop later; (iii) is the variation within speakers conditioned by register/dialect, and (iv) how should this kind of non-meaning related variation in word order be modeled theoretically." God tur, Paulina!