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Polina at Moscow conference on minority languages

April 23, 2021 Linguistics

PhD student Polina Pleshak, seated in front of an antique mirror and clock

Syntactic size is what explains the Moksha 'declensions'.

April 24, Polina Pleshak presents "The exponence of caseless NPs in Moksha" at Minor Languages in Big Linguistics 2021 (Малые языки в большой лингвистике), a symposium run by the Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics (ОТиПЛ) at Moscow State University. Polina argues that what have been called the "definite" and "indefinite" declensions in Moksha (a Uralic language spoken in the Republic of Mordovia within the Russian Federation) are distinguished, not by their pragmatics, but rather by the syntactic size of the constituent they mark. Represent the Университет Мэриленда, Polina!