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Terps crawling around Gainesville for CUNY29

February 23, 2016 Linguistics

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CUNY has an invited talk by Masha, plus work involving Anton, Julie, Laurel, Rachel, Shota, Sirri, Valentine, Philip, Jeff, Ellen, Colin and Alexander from Linguistics, plus many other Terps.

March 2-5 at Florida, CUNY has an invited talk by Masha, plus work involving Anton, Julie, Laurel, Rachel, Shota, Sirri, Valentine, Philip, Jeff, Ellen, Colin and Alexander from Linguistics; Yi Ting Huang and Jared Novick from HESP, Bob Slevc from Psychology, Rachel Adler from NACS, Nina Hsu from CASL, and Eric Pelzl from SLA; as well as Linguistics alumni Masaya Yoshida, Aaron Steven White, Matt Wagers, Yi-ching Su, Dan Parker, Hajime Ono, Akira Omaki, Sol Lago, Dave Kush, Angela He, Tomohiro Fujii, Rob Fiorentino, Brian Dillon, and Wing-Yee Chow; plus recent visitors Michele Alves and Christian Brodbeck, former postdoc Ming Xiang, former Baggett Shayne Slogget, and former RA Michael Svartsman.
Invited talk * Maria Polinsky, What does it take to be a native speaker?

Talks (in chronological order) * Laurel Perkins, Angela Xiaoxue He, Alexander Williams, Rachel Dudley, Sigríður Björnsdóttir and Jeffrey Lidz, "Can Intransitive Clauses Name 2-Participant Events? A New Test of Participant-to-Argument Matching in Verb Learning" (at pre-CUNY workshop on events in language and cognition) * Yi Ting Huang, Lauren Abadie, Alison Arnold and Erin Hollister, "Novelty of discourse referents promotes heuristics in children’s syntactic processing" * Shota Momma, Yingyi Luo, Hiromu Sakai, Ellen Lau and Colin Phillips, "Lexical predictions and the structure of semantic memory: EEG evidence from case changes"

Flash talks * Juliana Gerard, Jeffrey Lidz, Shalom Zuckerman and Manuela Pinto, "Adjunct control interpretation in four year olds is colored by the task" * Anton Malko and Natalia Slioussar, "Gender agreement attraction in Russian: novel patterns in comprehension"

Posters * Tomohiro Fujii, Hajime Ono and Masaya Yoshida, "A constraint on the online empty pronoun resolution in Japanese" * Dan Parker, "A new model for processing antecedent-ellipsis mismatches" * Nayoung Kim, Laurel Brehm and Masaya Yoshida, "Agreement Attraction in NP ellipsis" * Michele Alves, "Attraction interference effects of number in pronominal resolution processing in Brazilian Portuguese" * Yi Ting Huang, Juliana Gerard, Nina Hsu, Alix Kowalski and Jared Novick, "Cognitive-control effects on the kindergarten path: Separating correlation from causation" * Kathleen Hall and Masaya Yoshida, "Complexity effects in sluicing and sprouting" * Julian Grove, Emily Hanink and Ming Xiang, "Comprehension Priming Evidence for Elliptical Structures" * Sol Lago, Anna Stutter and Claudia Felser, "Cross-linguistic variation in sensitivity to grammatical errors: evidence from multilingual speakers" * Nina Hsu, Ashley Thomas and Jared Novick, "Does visual cognitive control engagement help listeners tidy up the garden-path?" * Yi-ching Su, "Felicity Condition and Children’s Knowledge of Restrictive Focus" * Wing-Yee Chow, Yangzi Zhou and Rosanna Todd, "Eye-tracking evidence for active gapfilling regardless of dependency length" * Jeremy Pasquereau and Brian Dillon, "Grammaticality illusions are conditioned by lexical item-specific grammatical properties" * Samar Husain and Dave Kush, "Linear proximity effects in Hindi reciprocal resolution" * Shota Momma, Julia Buffinton, L. Robert Slevc and Colin Phillips, "Similar words compete, but only when they’re from the same category" * Akira Omaki, Zoe Ovans and Brian Dillon, "Intrusive reflexive binding inside a fronted wh-predicate" * Chelsea Miller and Matt Wagers, "Limited Reactivation of Syntactic Structure in Noun Phrase Ellipsis" * Dan Parker and Liana Abramson, "Parallelism guides syntactic prediction for across-the-board extraction" * Shayne Sloggett and Brian Dillon, "Person blocking effects in the processing of English reflexives" * Dan Parker, Michael Shvartsman and Julie Van Dyke, "Agreement attraction is selective: Evidence from eye-tracking" * Shota Momma, L. Robert Slevc and Colin Phillips, "Split intransitivity modulates lookahead effects in sentence planning" * L. Robert Slevc, "Structural priming from errors reflects alignment, not residual activation" * Aaron Steven White, Valentine Hacquard, Philip Resnik and Jeffrey Lidz, "Subcategorization frame entropy in online verb-learning" * Dave Kush and Julie Van Dyke, "The effect of prominence on antecedent retrieval: new SAT evidence" * Jed Pizarro-Guevara and Matt Wagers, "The role of Tagalog verbal agreement in processing wh-dependencies" * Eric Pelzl, Taomei Guo and Ellen Lau, "Tuning in: adaptation to mispronunciation in foreign-accented sentence comprehension" * Rachel Adler, Jared Novick and Yi Ting Huang, "Understanding contextual effects during the real-time comprehension of verbal irony" * Robert Fiorentino, Alison Gabriele and Lauren Covey, "Using event-related potentials to examine individual differences in the processing of pronominal reference" * Yi Ting Huang and Alison Arnold, "Word learning in linguistic context: Processing and memory effects"