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Way more Terps are talking in Konstanz than Colin has

September 11, 2021 Linguistics

Linguistics PhD student Hanna Muller sitting in the outside sunshine.

Colin, Hanna, and several alums presenting at workshop on Linguistic Illusions in Sentence Processing.

September 13-14, the University of Konstanz hosts a workshop on "Linguistic illusions in sentence processing," featuring a keynote by Colin Phillips, plus several talks by present and past students or visitors to our department: Hanna Muller, Iria de Dios Flores (visitor 2016-7), Sol Lago *14 and Natalia Slioussar (visitor 2001-2). 

Colin Phillips - Garbage in, garbage out? Linguistic illusions in comprehension and production

Hanna Muller, Iria de Dios Flores, Colin Phillips - Illicit scope interpretations are not the cause of NPI illusions. They might be a consequence

Sol Lago, Kate Stone, Elise Oltrogge - Illusions in bilingual gender predictions

Umesh Patil, Sol Lago - Prediction illusion due to retrieval interference: a computational model

Claudia Pañeda, Sol Lago - Subject-verb inversion in Spanish sheds light on the source of the missing VP illusion

Natalia Slioussar - The role of syncretism in agreement attraction

Natalia Slioussar, Daria Chernova, Svetlana Alexeeva, Natalia Cherepovskaia - Trans-paradigmatic syncretism of case affixed triggers grammaticality illusions. Natalia Slioussar, Daria Chernova, Svetlana Alexeeva, Natalia Cherepovskaia

Natalia Slioussar, Natalia Cherepovskaia, Elizaveta Reutova - Grammaticality illusions as a window onto L2 processing mechanisms