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Mayfest 2007: Where, When and Why is Hierarchy Needed?

Mayfest is a workshop that brings together researchers from a variety of disciplines and perspectives to discuss fundamental issues in linguistics. Over the course of two days, participants engage in talks and discussion sessions to stimulate new insights and collaboration.


  • Edward Stabler, Language structure, depth, and processing
  • Terence Langendoen, Finite-state linguistic structure building
  • Robert Chametzky, No derivation without representation
  • Richard Larson and Naomi Harada, On Datives in Japanese
  • Pauline Jacobson, Does grammar 'see' structure? The view from Direct Compositionality
  • Jason Eisner, Discovering Syntactic Deep Structure via Bayesian Statistics
  • Michael Wagner, Recursive Generalization vs. Recursive Representation in Prosody
  • Mark Steedman, The Combinatory Manifesto