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Mayfest 2008: Island Perspectives

Mayfest is a workshop that brings together researchers from a variety of disciplines and perspectives to discuss fundamental issues in linguistics. Over the course of two days, participants engage in talks and discussion sessions to stimulate new insights and collaboration.


  • Robert Frank, The varieties of syntactic dependencies and the genesis of islandhood
  • Anna Szabolcsi, What Natural Classes of (Weak) Islands?
  • Philip Hofmeister & Ivan Sag, Processing Factors in the Study of Island Effects
  • Cedric Boeckx, No Merge is an Island
  • Robert Kluender, Islands on the brain: How event-related brain potential componentry might help get us off the islands
  • Bonnie Schwartz, Jee Hyun Ma & Junghee Kim, Island sensitivity in development: a perspective from L2 adults, L2 children, L1 youths
  • Kyle Johnson, Fitting islands to the semantics of movement
  • Peter Culicover, Beyond Simpler Syntax: Processing complexity and explaining island phenomena
  • Nomi Erteschik-Shir, Processing Information Structure: an Account of Islandhood
  • Jason Merchant, PF and LF locality: Evidence from Greek comparatives