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Mayfest 2010: Bridging Typology and Acquisition

Mayfest is a workshop that brings together researchers from a variety of disciplines and perspectives to discuss fundamental issues in linguistics. Over the course of two days, participants engage in talks and discussion sessions to stimulate new insights and collaboration.


  • Mark Baker, On the patterning of cross-linguistic variation: its significance and illustrations from the theories of agreement and case
  • Željko Bošković, Another monster
  • Greville Corbett, What the child needs to know about morphosyntactic features: A typologist's perspective
  • Ed Keenan, Syntactic invariants over structurally diverse languages
  • Jeffrey Lidz, Contacting UG
  • Lisa Matthewson, On semantic variation
  • Eric Potsdam, Learning to be Backward
  • Ian Roberts, Macroparametric Variation
  • Janet Fodor and William Sakas, Disambiguating syntactic triggers
  • Neil Smith, On criteria for parametric variation
  • William Snyder, The parametric approach to children’s syntax