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University of Maryland Linguistics Home

Terps on language acquisition

Eleven presentations from Maryland at the 45th Boston University Conference on Language Development.

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Research on Mayan languages at Maryland

Read about new grants, presentations and classes by Rodrigo, Paulina and Polina.

Read More about Research on Central American languages

NSF grants for Tyler, Masha and Philip

New grants underwrite projects in semantics and psycholinguistics, syntax and typology, computational linguistics and political science.

Read More about NSF support for Tyler, Masha and Philip

New jobs for alums

Congratulations to alumni for new appointments in 2020.

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Distinguishing language from animal communication

Special issue of journal asks what our babies can do that birds and chimps cannot.

Read More about Distinguishing language from animal communication

The Department of Linguistics at the University of Maryland plays a leading role in the largest and most integrated language science research community in North America.

Our top-ranked department combines current theoretical research in phonology, syntax, and semantics with state-of-the-art experimental research in language acquisition, computational linguistics, psycholinguistics and neurolinguistics.

Our Research

Connections between our core competencies are strong, with theoretical, experimental and computational work typically pursued in tandem. Here new ideas develop in conversation, stimulated by the steady activity of our labs and research groups, frequent student meetings with faculty, regular talks by local and invited scholars and collaborations with the broader language science community. 

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