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Philip Resnik

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Professor, Linguistics

Affiliate Professor, Department of Computer Science
Professor, Institute for Advanced Computer Studies

(301) 405-6760

1401 C Marie Mount Hall
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Research Expertise

Computational Linguistics
Computational Modeling


MonoTrans2: A New Human Computation System to Support Monolingual Translation

A new user interface to support monolingual translation, by people who speak only the source or target language and not both.


Contributor(s): Philip Resnik
Non-ARHU Contributor(s): Chang Hu, Benjamin Bedersen, Philip Resnik, Yakov Kronrod
In this paper, we present MonoTrans2, a new user interface to support monolingual translation; that is, translation by people who speak only the source or target language, but not both. Compared to previous systems, MonoTrans2 supports multiple edits in parallel, and shorter tasks with less translation context. In an experiment translating children's books, we show that MonoTrans2 is able to substantially close the gap between machine translation and human bilingual translations. The percentage of sentences rated 5 out of 5 for fluency and adequacy by both bilingual evaluators in our study increased from 10% for Google Translate output to 68% for MonoTrans2.