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Terps back in Boston for BUCLD

October 29, 2018 Linguistics

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Maryland returns to BUCLD with talks and posters on work by Zoe Ovans, Tyler, Laurel, Kasia, Anouk and Annemarie; postdoc Thomas Schatz; and several faculty, alumni, and past visitors.

November 4, Maryland returns to the Boston University Conference on Language Development with talks and posters on work by Zoe Ovans, Tyler, Laurel, Kasia, Anouk and Annemarie; postdoc Thomas Schatz; PhD alumni Rachel Dudley, Lisa Pearl, Lara Ehrenhofer and Angela He; undergraduate alumni Morgan Moyer and Emma Nguyen; Baggett alum Elika Bergelsen; past visitor Alex de Carvalho; former graduate student Sigridur Bjoernsdottir; and UMD faculty Yi Ting, Valentine, Rochelle, Paul, Naomi, Jeff, Jared, Ellen, Colin and Alexander; along with many collaborators.

Talks Tyler Knowlton, Justin Halberda, Paul Pietroski and Jeffrey Lidz, Acquiring the universal quantifiers: every part together or each part on its own? Rochelle Newman, Toddlers’ accommodation of accent: Acoustic and experiential factors
Presenterp posters Annemarie van Dooren, Maxime Tulling, Ailis Cournane and Valentine Hacquard, Lexical aspect as a crosslinguistic cue to modal meaning: Evidence from Dutch Anouk Dieuleveut, Annemarie van Dooren, Ailis Cournane and Valentine Hacquard, Learning the force of modals: Sig you guess what sig means? Kasia Hitczenko, Reiko Mazuka, Micha Elsner and Naomi Feldman, Normalization may be ineffective for phonetic category learning Laurel Perkins, Tyler Knowlton, Alexander Williams and Jeffrey Lidz, Matching number vs. linking roles: Using 3-participant scene percepts to understand infants’ bootstrapping Thomas Schatz, Naomi Feldman, Sharon Goldwater and Emmanuel Dupoux, Phonetic learning without phonetic categories Valentine Hacquard, Rachel Dudley and Jeffrey Lidz: With or without “too”: Reasoning about people’s questions and their presuppositions Zoe Ovans, Jared Novick and Yi Ting Huang, Better to be reliable than early: Cognitive-control effects on developmental parsing
Posterp posters Lara Ehrenhofer, Kazuko Yatsushiro, Tom Fritzsche, Barbara Höhle, Jeffrey Lidz, Colin Phillips, Yi Ting Huang: Verbs, not subjects, drive subject-as-agent misinterpretation in children’s comprehension of passives Morgan Moyer, Z. Husnain, Kristen Syrett, Won’t somebody think of the children? Beyond maximality with plural definite descriptions Angela Xiaoxue He, Sandra Waxman, Sudha Arunachalam, Sleep consolidates syntactically-derived verb meanings in 2-year-olds B. Axel, N. Havron, Isabelle Dautriche, Alex de Carvalho, Anne Christophe: When predictions fail: Adults and children stop predicting upcoming syntactic categories in unreliable contexts A. Bates, Lisa Pearl: What input gap is there across socioeconomic status for complex syntax? A quantitative and cognitive modeling analysis of linguistic evidence for learning syntactic islands Emma Nguyen, Lisa Pearl: Using developmental modeling to specify learning and representation of the passive in English children Elika Bergelson, A. Weisleder, J. Bunce, C. Rowland, M. Casillas, A. Cristia: How different is speech input and output across subgroups? First results from >12,000 hours of naturalistic recordings